I found that WordPress SE is staying in Beta for more than 4 months! That's an awfully long period.

When it will move out from Beta?

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Well, there's no harm in being in public beta, because there are no real restrictions on the site -- it is fully functional.

Generally we look for metrics of "excellent" on the site proposal dashboard before moving a site out of public beta:


If you'd like to come out sooner, promote the site! Share links to great questions and answers, and generally let other WordPress gurus know about it.

And, as Jan pointed out in a comment -- get out there and vote early and often!

And the most important metric is users: we need so many +200 users because they can participate in keeping the site clean. So vote! Not only on answers, but also on questions. You have 30 votes per day (and get a badge when your spend all of them), so go out and vote! Or stay in and vote, if you don't have mobile internet... – Jan Fabry Jan 5 '11 at 10:06

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